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Fashion Addict and bands obsessed/ I really hope someone will find inspiraton here.

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"Marriage equality is essential. Love who you wish to love. Live how you wanna live."

Woman crush of the week! Sasha Luss

"MOSCHINO" Full Show HD Milano Moda Donna Autumn Winter 2014 2015 by Fashion Channel - YouTube →

This is my favorite catwalk of the season . Crazy dress and print ! I love all of this ❀️❀️

Moschino Uomo Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Show + Moschino Resort 2015 - YouTube →

This season is just amazing, every time I see a Moschino show by Jeremy Scott I realize that this man is a genius!


depression is only temporary darkness. everything is temporary. nothing is truly permanent. people die. memories fade. perspectives shift. so don’t worry, it will pass.

(Fonte: internetcrisis, via asstxnirwin)

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